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1040/1041 a nicknamed the Brave (El Bravo) or the Valiant, was king of León (106572) and of Galicia ( b and then king of the reunited Castile and León ( ). Rege domno Adefonso, qui regebat Castella et Legione et tota Gallecia, Some sources give the age in the Chronicle of Sahagún as 72, which would place his birth in 1037. The Contest of Christian and Muslim Spain. In May 1107, Alfonso imposed the recognition of Sancho as heir, despite the probable opposition of his daughters and sons-in-law, in the course of a Curia Regia held in León. The military and economic pressure on the Taifa kingdoms led the rulers of the Taifas of Seville, Granada, Badajoz and Almeria to seek help from the Almoravid dynasty who, at the end of July 1086, under the leadership. His paternal grandparents were. "De nuevo sobre la mora Zaida". Soberanía imperial frente a soberanía papal" (PDF). However, the following year, on 13 February 1073, Alfonso summoned García to a meeting, whereupon Alfonso captured and imprisoned his younger brother. Finally, he points out that "If such an important event had taken place, it would not make much sense. Agnes died on Reilly suggests that the marriage had been annulled in the previous year, probably because of the lack of children. He held him at the castle of Luna, for seventeen years, where he eventually died on With his two brothers out of the way, Alfonso VI had no problem in securing the loyalty of both the high clergy and. Its character is rather ornamental and literary".

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Contents, family and early years edit, the son of, ferdinand I, King of León and Count of Castile and his wife, Queen Sancha, Alfonso was a "Leonese infante prince with Navarrese and Castilian blood". When the emir came again to the peninsula, he decided to depose all the taifa rulers and became the sole king of the entire Al-Andalus territory. Mínguez Fernández, José María (2000). April 1157 who was married first to Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse and then to Count Fernando Fernández de Carrión. For Salazar y Acha, Zaida and the fourth wife of Alfonso VI, Isabel, are the same person, "despite of the impotent efforts of later historians to try to prove that she was not the Moor Zaida and, accordingly. In the campaign, Alfonso is the primary early antagonist, and is portrayed as power-hungry and treacherous, while also being paranoid and fearful. Alfonso VI, the conqueror of Toledo, the great Europeanizing monarch, saw in the last years of his reign how the great political work that he had carried started to be dismantled due to the Almoravid attacks and internal weaknesses. The alleged repudiation appears only in a volume of L'art de vérifier les dates and, according to Gambra, "it is impossible, in the absence of better references, to grant credit to the assertion of Agnes' repudiation". They included Raymond and Henry of Burgundy, who married Alfonso VI's daughters Urraca (1090) and Teresa (1094 respectively, which led to the establishment of the Anscarid and Capetian dynasties in the peninsular kingdoms. Quintana Prieto, Augusto (1969). The purpose was to place all the royal remains in a new sanctuary that was being built at that time. It was at this time that the Leyenda de Cardeña concerning El Cid (13th century) was born. The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, 1619. According to Jaime de Salazar and Acha, it was Beatrice, the last wife of Alfonso VI, who married the Count of Maine.

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